Frequently Asked Questions – Chelan County Fire District  1

We receive a lot of questions from folks, and to help make things easier for all we’ve created this frequently asked questions page to help you get information fast. As we notice questions that are being frequently asked, we will add them to this section.

I can’t find __________ on this new site? Where is it!

Not all content from the old site was included in our new site. Some of the information was old or unable to be migrated over. The old site was accessible for a while, however, it had to be removed.

What are TxtALERTS?

TxtALERTS is a service provided by Chelan County Fire District 1 to provide us a means of sending out alerts, updates, or safety tips via Text Message on your mobile phone. We provide this service for free, however your carrier may impose per-message charges. Except in cases of emergency, expect 1-2 text messages a week at the most that are not emergency related. If this service gets a lot of subscribers, we may be able to provide updates on emergency situations to registered users. Note: You will not receive any TxtAlerts unless you subscribe to the service. You may also subscribe to our Twitter feed using mobile following, however that service may receive more activity.

Why can’t I find more information on a local disaster/fire/emergency?

The answer to this is somewhat complex. We do not have the manpower to report on all emergencies. Our Public Information Officers and Internet Administrators are all volunteers, giving their time for the betterment of the community. Small fires will almost never be reported on here except in aggregate data of response calls received for a period of time (when that information may be posted). On larger fires, there is a very strict chain of command that is followed. We will post information that is either public information or approved, which can often mean delays especially when an incident is outside of our immediate jurisdiction. If a fire or incident is within our immediate jurisdiction, and our department has command, you may notice a faster conveyance of information. Instead of information going from agency to agency, within our jurisdiction key information can be relayed much quicker through our own services.

We do our best to keep the public in the Greater Wenatchee area abreast of information, but for the reasons above we cannot always guarantee that information. In all cases, we encourage you to listen/access local media outlets for information.