Welcome to the beautiful Chelan County region! We’re blessed to enjoy over 300 sunny days a year, a beautiful climate, sweeping mountain views in every direction, clean and wild rivers, and some of the least expensive electricity in the country thanks to our three hydroelectric dams. Within the county you can find nearly every outdoor activity available! This is a truly stunning and beautiful region.

However, behind the beauty and ever-accessible outdoor adventures stands dangers unique to our region. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, storms, snow and avalanches, rock and landslides, wildfires, and hydroelectric dams are just some of the hidden dangers in our county.  Couple these dangers with the fact that our county’s population is limited to four narrow valleys (The Wenatchee River Valley, Entiat Valley, Chelan Valley, and Columbia River) with limited access, the danger grows.

Are you ready?

Even though our region faces unique dangers, life continues each day very rarely facing these head-on. However, it is important everyone in the county be ready just in case.

How do we get ready?

Being Ready for disaster doesn’t mean having disaster on your mind 24/7, but instead preparing for the unexpected.

  • MAKE A KIT – Have a kit at home, in your car, and at the office with essential equipment to help you survive for up to one week. Each member of the family should have a kit, including pets.
  • MAKE A PLAN – Make an emergency plan including evacuation routes, meeting locations, and Safe Havens in the case of various emergencies, from a simple house fire to a major disaster.
  • STAY INFORMED – Get to know the dangers applicable to where you live, whether they are natural or man-made, and know your emergency services.

The Department of Homeland Security has a wealth of resources availiable for citizens, businesses, and kids available online at http://www.ready.gov.

Chelan County Fire District No. 1 encourages all residents of our county to be Ready for Disaster, and learn the steps to preparation.

Visit Ready.gov to learn how to prepare your home, business, and family.