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Chelan County Fire District 1 was formed in 1943 to provide fire protection services to the unincorporated areas outside the City of Wenatchee.  Chelan County Fire District 1 was the first fire district formed in Chelan County.


In 1986, the Board of Fire Commissioners for Chelan County Fire District 2 (Malaga/Three Lakes) had reached a point in their operation where they were faced with growing challenges and fiscal demands to keep apparatus equipment current and well maintained.  After evaluating several options, the Board of Fire Commissioners voted to merge with Fire District 1.

In 2015, the citizens in the Fire District and the City of Wenatchee voted to combine their fire services. Chelan County Fire District 1 now protects over 70 square miles operating out of 4 fire stations staffed with personnel 24 hours a day and 3 additional fire stations staffed by our volunteers.


The Fire District is an all-risk fire department.  We respond to approximately 2,800 calls/emergencies each year and provide service to over 40,000 residents.


Because we are an all-risk fire department, we respond to all types of emergencies including structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle fires, hazardous material spills, and emergency medical calls.  Because of the wide-ranging services we provide, training covers many topics and issues.  Our personnel are expected to be physically and mentally fit to meet the many challenges and demands.


The Fire District’s philosophy is simple and focused.  We provide the District’s residents with safe, cost effective, and professional services.  We operate the department as a business and expect our volunteers, residents, and paid staff to serve our customers with honesty and professionalism. Our volunteers train every Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m., except holidays or working fires.  There are differing requirements for drill attendance based on which type of volunteer you are.  We make the assumption that you are applying because you are interested in our Department, its Mission Statement, and our program.  Our program is successful and growing because of active participation by our members.

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Our mission is to protect and serve

with professionalism through pride,

commitment, and compassion

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