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Chelan County Fire District 1, is committed to providing an effective and efficient fire, rescue and emergency medical service delivery system to our community.

You will find that participation as a volunteer member of our organization will bring personal reward and satisfaction, raise self-esteem, and provide you with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride for a job well done. It will also provide your community with a valuable service that has the potential to touch us all.

Types of volunteers

We have different types of volunteers in our organization with differing levels of commitment and responsibility. 

  • Resident Firefighters

Resident volunteer firefighters are part of our most committed volunteers. They are assigned shifts alongside our career staff and are part of the Wenatchee Valley College's Fire Science Program. These are generally volunteers who are working towards a career in the fire service. In exchange for their commitment to those we serve, the District pays for their college tuition, provides housing and a monthly meal stipend. Click here for more information on our resident program.

  • Combat Firefighters

Combat volunteer firefighters can also work shifts alongside our career staff and have many of the same training requirements as our resident firefighters. These volunteers are qualified to do interior firefighting and work in hazardous environments.

  • Reserve Firefighters

Reserve volunteer firefighters generally do not work shifts. They do not do interior firefighting or work in hazardous environments. They do have the ability to drive apparatus and run pumps on active emergency scenes.

  • Support

Support volunteers assist in any number of ways; teaching classes, answering phones, fixing computers and more... If you have a talent and some time we can use you!

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